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Independence Heights: A Window to the Past

Background | Founders | Annexation

_____Many of the founders of Independence Heights had taken advantage of the new educational and economic opportunities that opened up to them following emancipation, and a number of the city’s first residents were professionals and independent businessmen.


The first mayor, G.O. Burgess was an attorney. The Independence Heights School’s first principal and teacher, O.L. Hubbard, earned his teaching certificate from Prairie View College. Resident O.P. DeWalt was a successful businessman who owned the Lincoln Theater, which was an African American theater in downtown Houston. Prior to operating the theater, he also served as principal of the Independence Heights School for one year. In addition, he received a college degree from Prairie View College.

O.L Hubbard (left) was the second mayor; Arthur L. McCullough (above) was the third and final mayor of Independence Heights.

Background | Founders | Annexation

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