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Burrus Elementary School Artwork

Teacher: Bridgette Phillips

These lovely samples of student artwork were created after a combined study of Independence Heights and the artwork of the famous Houston artist, John Biggers.

Artist: Esperanza Gonzales, 5th Grade
New Hope Baptist Church

Artist: Denzell Washington, 3th Grade
The Addison Family

Artist: Christian Williams, 3rd Grade
The Wright Land Company

Artist: Lisbet Avila, 3rd Grade
The Mackey House

Artist: Jalisa Randle, 3rd Grade
Peace and Harmony

Artist: Morrissa Burroughs, 3rd Grade
The Mercantile Store

Artist: Marco Ojeda, 4th Grade
The Shotgun Workers

Artist: Davion Griffin, 3rd Grade
The Old School

Artist: Jimmy Green, 5th Grade
The Mayor Who Made a Difference


Artist: Daniel Paramo, 3rd Grade
The First Principal


Artist: Chancer Lee, 5th Grade
The Mail Man


Artist: Aaron Ojeda, 3rd Grade
An Important Meeting


Artist: Emmanuel Serna, 5th Grade
The Growing Tree


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